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Brighton Town Hall Renovation
Brighton, NY

Civic Masterplan & Renovation
Town of Brighton

24,000 sf

The Town of Brighton envisions a comprehensive modernization of its current Town Hall building. This ambitious project encompasses the revitalization of the interior, restoration work on the exterior of the building and accessible upgrades to the historic entry and improvements to the facility's site. The project's overarching goals include conducting a meticulous space needs assessment by reviewing and verifying existing spaces and historical documentation. Department and staff interviews were conducted and pertinent data collected to formulate a comprehensive program. This program serves as the foundation for the development of informed schematic plans, ensuring a strategic and purposeful approach to the impending updates. The existing conditions were assessed to ensure that the Town Hall meets current building code well as accessibility requirements. The modernization will also include acute consideration of security and access as well as an enviornmental remediation plan.

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