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Scattered Sites & Federal Street
Rochester, NY

Single and Multi-Family Housing
Rochester Housing Authority
17 apartments, one single family house

The Rochester Scattered Sites project, spearheaded by the City of Rochester’s Housing Authority, is a comprehensive initiative encompassing the revitalization of twenty-one properties and the construction of three new homes primarily situated in the vibrant Beechwood Neighborhood. These properties are set to undergo extensive interior renovations, coupled with exterior upgrades aimed at enhancing the urban fabric of Rochester's neighborhoods. Federal Street Apartments will feature three new builds, including the construction of two apartment buildings and a standalone residence. As part of this revitalization endeavor, the project is designed with a strong focus on energy efficiency, incorporating features such as solar panels at Federal Street, high-efficiency boilers, improved ventilation, enhanced insulation, and high performance fenestration. In addition to these sustainable elements, the Federal Street site will provide community-centric assets, including dedicated community spaces and a thoughtfully designed playground, enriching the overall living experience for residents and further contributing to the vitality of the neighborhood.

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