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Multi-Family Housing

Multi-Family, Affordable, & Mixed-Use

*experience from a previous firm

  • 111 Liberty Luxury Housing, Penn Yann, NY

  • Holley Gardens, Holley, NY

  • Wellington Woods Renovation, Brockport, NY

  • Wellington North, Brockport, NY

  • Avenue E, Rochester, NY

  • Scattered Sites, City of Rochester, NY

  • Musacchio Gardens, North Collins, NY

  • School House Manor, Oakfield, NY

  • Eastman Gardens, Rochester, NY*

  • Warfield Square, Rochester, NY*

  • Ogden Heights, Ogden, NY*

  • Farmington Gardens, Farmington, NY*

  • Heritage Garden, Henrietta, NY*

  • Gardens at Town Center, Greece, NY*

  • Frederick Douglass Apartments, Rochester, NY*

  • Voter’s Block Apartments, Rochester, NY*

  • Cloisters at the Meadows, Akron, NY*

  • Lincoln Gardens, Rochester, NY*

  • Hudson Row Houses, Rochester, NY

  • Silver Lake Apartments, Perry, NY

  • 250 Steele Street, Herkimer, NY

  • Alta Vista, Rochester, NY

  • Hudson Ridge Tower, Rochester, NY*

  • Lake Tower, Rochester, NY*

  • Maple Apartments, Alfred, NY

  • Musacchio Gardens, North Collins, NY

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